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Angular Weekly #88

Weekly curated resources for professional Angular developers


NgRx creator functions 101

13 minutes - The `createAction` creator function opened opportunities in the NgRx world. With it came two other creator functions, `createReducer` and `createEffect`. Let's take a look at what's so special about it and why it's important.

Announcing TypeScript 3.8 beta

18 minutes - TypeScript 3.8 brings a lot of new features, including new or upcoming ECMAScript standards features, new syntax for importing/exporting only types, and more.

Mono-repos: features and performance

15 minutes - After a brief introduction to Mono-Repos and a comparison with Multi-Repos, I go into tools for establishing Mono-Repos.

Top new features of Angular 9

7 minutes - This Angular 9 preview post takes you through all the features coming in the latest version of Angular, which will be coming out of beta soon.

Front-end performance checklist 2020

87 minutes - A front-end performance checklist that takes 87 minutes to read! Well, it includes all the tech you need to know to create fast experiences on the web today..

How to do DOM manipulation in TypeScript

6 minutes - It's about how to do DOM manipulation in TypeScript and how they are not available in the language tutorials

More fundamentals:

Real-world reports

RxJS: You're probably doing it wrong

5 minutes - I took a chance to look back and wrote what I should have been told a year or two ago about RxJs.

Angular projects and lessons learned

9 minutes - I will go through some of the different projects I have worked on and explain the lessons learned in each so you can learn from them.

Pre-render static SPA without a live back-end

5 minute - If you read my last blog post then you know that I've been having trouble managing the SEO aspect of this blog. Not having a back-end on Github-Pages did demotivate me for a while, but finally I came along with a solution that required least efforts and works perfectly.

Cost of investing too heavily in a JavaScript framework

8 minutes - Having choices in framework helps move the web forward but this also fragments it. The hot framework today may not be the hot framework tomorrow.


6 useful Angular decorators

10 minutes - Even though Angular has provided us with plenty of built-in Decorators, you’ll most likely find yourself needing to create your own custom ones.

Build dynamic dialog with Angular CDK

40 minutes - Great long-read! The CDK provides you a set of tools to build feature-packed and high-quality Angular components without having to adhere to Material Design that Google embraces.

Create and deploy Angular Material application

29 minutes - A walkthrough of creating an Angular 8 web application and a QR Code generator app completely based on Angular while hosted on Netlify.

Using in-memory-db with NestJS

4 minutes - How we can use `in-memory-db` to perform CRUD operations.

Create a reusable Angular service

3 minutes - The goal is to create a service that can be reused throughout our Angular application.

TypeScript advanced types — nullable types and type aliases

5 minutes - TypeScript has many advanced type capabilities and which make writing dynamically typed code easy.

More tutorials:


Storybook 5.3

10 minutes -One of the biggest features of Storybook 5.3 is a whole new way to write Markdown documentation and stories (component examples) side-by-side in the same file.

Announcing TypeScript 3.8 Beta

18 minutes - TypeScript 3.8 brings a lot of new features, including new or upcoming ECMAScript standards features, new syntax for importing/exporting only types, and more.

Zero config CLI that runs JavaScript + TypeScript

Introducing NGX-AWS-DEPLOY

2 minutes - Easily deploy your Angular app to AWS S3 from the Angular CLI.

More tooling:


2019 JavaScript Rising Stars

5 minutes - The 4th edition of JavaScript Rising Stars, showcasing the numbers the projects that got traction on GitHub in 2019.

We’re killing the mobile web

9 minutes - You’re browsing the web on your mobile phone or tablet and a banner appears on the top of the screen, urging you to install the site’s native app.

Please stop using classes in JavaScript

5 minutes - In this article I will talk about why it is a bad idea to use classes in JavaScript, and what the alternatives are.

Advancing the web framework ecosystem

5 minutes - Chrome is collaborating with open-source frameworks to work towards a better web

More perspectives:

Academic article

In-house Ops to re-engineer full-stack JS applications

15 minutes - The majority of mature program analysis and transformation tools works only with centralized software. Inspired by business process re-engineering, in which remote operations can be insourced back in house to restructure and outsource anew, Virginia Tech researchers bring an analogous approach to the re-engineering of web applications


The new Angular CLI and angular.json

The magic of RxJS by Natalia Tepluhina

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